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  • ABC News/Nightline/GMA: The Secrets to Handling Mommy Guilt

    • Aug 26, 2015

    Countless moms confess in online message boards and blogs to feeling a nagging sense of inadequacy when it comes to balancing work and motherhood. They call it, "mommy guilt."

  • Headline News: Working mom: Netflix, 'you got it right!'

    • Aug 08, 2015

    It wasn’t so long ago the world was in an uproar that Marissa Mayer eliminated telecommuting at Yahoo. There were headlines like “Back to the Stone Age,” and experts everywhere were weighing in on the end of workplace flexibility. And in just two years’ time, another tech giant, Netflix, goes in the exact opposite direction, offering one year paid maternity and paternity leave to new moms and dads.

  • Talent Management Magazine: Where's the "P" In Flex Work

    • Aug 06, 2015

    There isn’t one — but there should be! The “p” stands for “process,” a frequently overlooked and essential component in work flex success. Most companies see the “t” — technology — in work flex (i.e., they realize that they have to invest in the right technology to facilitate telecommuting, virtual collaboration and other flex work options).

  • Press Release: Allison O'Kelly Named to 40 Women to Watch Over 40

    • Jul 13, 2015

    Innovation gets better with age. Now there is a list that serves to recognize women who bring this truth to life. This year’s honorees bring to life the mission of 40 Women To Watch Over 40.

  • Talent Management Magazine: Will You Ride The Millenial Wave?

    • Jul 01, 2015

    Millennials are taking over the workforce. By paying attention to some best practices, employers are more likely to retain the young talent.

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